Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Natural Heritage Site
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Dong Amphan National Protected Area, Laos
Location: Attapeu, 1,975 sq km
Ecotourism Activities Available: none yet
Key Species: Douc langur and buff-cheeked gibbon,fishing cat Asiatic golden cat, clouded leopard and tiger. Gaur, Trong Song muntjac and small populations of Asian elephants. There are a total of 280 bird species including
Siamese fireback, crested argus and the woolly-necked stork & rufous-winged buzzard.
Habitat: Lowland evergreen, semi-evergreen, mixed deciduous and dry dipterocarp forests. Coniferous and broadleaf woodland, hill evergreen and semi-evergreen and fagaceous forests. Dong Amphan is situated in the Annamite Chain that runs along the Lao and Vietnamese border. These mountains are steep and rugged and give rise to numerous streams and rivers, which create small floodplain areas. The Nong Fa or Crater Lake is situated within the boundaries of the NPA. Elevation ranges from 120 - 2,052 m at Phou Pengmun.
Access: Dong Amphan is located in north-east Attapeu Province. It is very remote and mountainous. Access is mainly limited to dry season.
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