Nam Ha National Protected Area-an ASEAN Natural Heritage Site
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How to Visiting Nam Ha NPA (Nam Ha National Protected Area)
Area and Location
2,224 sq km in Luang Namtha Province, northwestern Laos.
Nam Ha is the 4th largest NPA in Laos and the 4th largest protected area in the Northern Indochina subtropical forest zone with an elevation range of 540-2094m above sea level, most of the NPA is at around 1000-1500m. Much of the NPA is covered by mixed deciduous forest, particularly secondary evergreen forest including semi-evergreen and moist evergreen forests.
During the rainy or’ green’ season from May to September, rainfall is heaviest and rivers are high. During the colder months of the dry season, December to February, temperatures can fall to 5 c .Heavy morning fog usually clears to warm and sunny days.
Ethnic Composition
Nam Ha NPA is home to a wide variety of ethnic groups including Tai Lue, Tai Dam, Khmu, Akha, Lanten, and Hmong.
Getting to Nam Ha NPA
Nam Ha NPA is easily accessible by public transport from Luang Namtha, Muang Sing and Vieng PhouKha. All tours into the NPA must be taken with a registered Eco guide or a Phou Iu Travel.
Accommodation on Treks
On treks, you will stay in a simple village lodge, in a forest camp or in a home stay where you will be welcomed as one of the family, learn about rural lifestyles and enjoy home-cooked Las food. By local custom, men and women are often required to sleep in deferent houses.
Accommodation near Nam Ha NPA
Responsible Tourism and Wildlife Protection Hotline
Please travel responsibly: do not buy or consume wildlife product, do not take and plants out of the Protected Area and carry all garbage out of the Protected Area.
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